Dennis Slothower is a veteran financial analyst, widely read author, popular speaker, and the editor of OnTheMoney and StealthStocks newsletters. Dennis is consistently ranked as one of the top investment advisors by many different tracking services and has earned a reputation as one of the America’s most consistently successful financial strategists.

Dennis grew up in sunny San Diego, California. After earning a degree from Brigham Young University, Dennis began his career in 1979 as a young stock broker for Shearson Lehman Hutton. During this period Dennis specialized in trading financial futures and commodities. As a commodity trader, volatility risk had to be managed or hedged. Dennis developed a proprietary risk management model to manage volatility risk in the trading of financial futures.

In 1986 he began to apply his risk management model to equity and bond mutual funds. In September of 1987, his model flashed a major sell signal and Dennis moved his clients completely out of the stock market. This protected them from the October crash of 1987, preserving their profits to finish the year with a handsome profit.

In 1989, Dennis left Shearson Lehman Hutton to begin a new mutual fund money management firm specializing in mutual fund selection and risk management using the risk management models that he had developed.

Later that same year, he was invited to be the author of the Mutual Fund Money Letter, which was owned by Howard Ruff. He accepted the challenge. A year or two later, Dennis money management firm acquired the Mutual Fund Money Letter and changed the newsletter's name to Dennis Slothower's On The Money.

In 1990, a serious recession developed and once again his risk management model provided damage control not only for his money management clients but also for the OnTheMoney subscribers. 1990 finished the year profitable for Dennis's clients and subscribers. A case of winning by not losing.

During the 90's the stock market experienced one of the best growth periods in history. Down cycles were brief and usually shallow affairs, quickly recovering with no recessions occurring. Managing risk was not considered a very high premium by many investors.

However, at the beginning of 2000 risk was looming dangerous. Dennis warned his clients and OnTheMoney subscribers of the potential market risk. He forecasted a major top in the market during March/April of that year. His risk management model produced a major sell signal on March 27th, which turned out to be the exact day of the high for the year in the Nasdaq 100.

In 2000, the OTC composite suffered one of its worst years ever, falling over 39%. OnTheMoney's Core Holdings Portfolio finished the year up 19.5%. The Growth/Moderate Risk portfolio was up 27.20% and the Aggressive portfolio finished the year up 35.3%, once again confirming the value of risk management.

Once again, in late 2007, Dennis warned his subscribers of a major market top and an impending recession looming. OTM was one of only a handful of newsletters in the nation that showed an actual profit in the worst bear market since the Great Depression (in 2008), profiting in all of its portfolio recommendations.

Dennis is now a renowned authority on the use of cyclical and technical indicators. He has lectured at financial conferences and seminars across the country since 1987. In addition, he has counseled thousands of investors and his views are quoted by major financial publications throughout the country. He lives in Alpine, Utah, a small picturesque community on the bottom slopes of the Wasatch Mountains, just south of Salt Lake City.

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